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A short but timely editorial by Roberta Michnick Golinkoff, Ph.D, one of the premier

"Thirty years of science in the field of child development tells us unequivocally
that force-feeding academics to young children is not how they learn best."

They're Taking Away The Building Blocks PDF
Preschool In Utah: Establishing Priorities
By Stella Vosniadou

"Learning is better when material is organized around general
principles and explanations, rather than when it is based on the
memorization of isolated facts and procedures."

How Children Learn PDF
"They're Taking Away The Building Blocks
...and confusing memorization with achievement!"
Early Childhood teachers are under pressure to teach their children numbers and
letters and to administer standardized tests. In some schools, children are even a
developmentally appropriate classroom, children are busy taking care of plants,
experimenting with sand and water, drawing and painting, listening to songs and
stories, and engaging in dramatic play."  

Hoover Institution, Education Matters, Too Much Too Early
David Elkind, professor of child development at Tufts University and author of
The Hurried Child and The Power of Play.

"We got it turned around and are learning the academic things before we learn the
social skills that are prerequisites for formal education."

Elkind believes phonics, math, and book reading are inappropriate for young children.
"There is no research supporting the effectiveness of early academic training and a
great deal of evidence that points against it," he says. "The age of six is called the age of
brain research substantiates this. Take reading: A child needs to be at the age of
reason to understand that one letter of the alphabet can sound different ways. That age
might be four or it might be seven. They all get it; they just get it at different ages."
How Children Learn
Parents: Take The Time To Choose a Good Preschool
An article from a local blog with good tips for parents on
choosing preschools in Sandy and Draper

Choose A Good Preschool (Blog Post)
Study Shows the Right Preschool Leads to Later Success
A study released by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA)
shows that the type of preschool a child attends at 4 years old, will affect how he or she learns at 7. The
study, the largest of its type to date, followed 5,000 preschoolers in 1,800 schools across the world.  than
corralling them into too much circle time, is the best way to create successful first graders. Over the past
programs that incorporate pre-reading and math curriculum."

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What kids need to be ready for Kindergarten
By Ellen H. Parlapiano, Scholastic.com

Five teachers tell you what preschoolers really need for next year.

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"Whether your child is at school for a few hours or all day, she'll settle into a familiar rhythm filled with lots
of learning opportunities."  This article explores what to look for in a well-rounded daily preschool routine.

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Preschool In Utah: Too Much Too Early?
30 Years of Age-Appropriate
Preschool Learning